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After that Thanksgiving dinner I didn't think my appetite would be returning anytime soon but here we are on a Saturday evening, 5 pm and Marisol and I were suddenly ready to eat... In one of those unusual moods where we don't know what we want, one of our regular places or something new, something simple or upscale, traditional american grub or foreign cuisine... we decided to stay local and we don't have much in the way of local (as in very close to our home). Rise is down the road and a delicious option (and at times very busy) but instead decided on Rise's old location at the Village Tower Shoppes. I know the place gets busy because it's next door to the yogurt shop we frequent but we were early so the place was expected to be quiet but still had half the tables taken. One of the waitresses welcomed us and let us pick a table. The interior is comfortable and kinda cute, modern but still utilizing asian style. The menu board highlighting the specials of the day were done in various colors of chalk (kinda reminding me of Sakaya Kitchen in Miami). The tables were finished with a rough edge to give them a good look and the mural on the wall is an impressive touch. We started with a couple sushi rolls... based on pictures I had seen posted on yelp, I expected better presentation (as most of the sushi dishes had colorful/cut fruit/veggies as garnish and many event had a flower but ours was simply our sushi; no presentation to impress). We had a SPICY TUNA ROLL which surprised me to only include 6 pieces but were good. Also shared a RAINBOW ROLL; the fish tasted very fresh. Even though taste was great and the freshness of the fish was excellent, I thought the rice was a bit loose (but not falling apart). My girl had a bowl of RAMEN with chicken... excellent broth and definitely a heart dish with noodles, chicken and veggies. I had a PAD THAI with shrimp (menu says prawn and I ordered prawns, but the waitress repeated back shrimp which I found to be funny; even though they taste the same, I wonder if she knows shrimp and prawns are different). My Pad Thai was excellent and not overly sweet. While we were eating our main dishes the restaurant filled up with customers... We finished our dishes while the table next to us were still eating their entrees... We sat very patiently for our waitress to return so we could have a to-go box and our check... The table next to us finally caught up and finished their dishes; while we still sat waiting for our waitress... They received their check from their waitress. I gestured with my hand for their waitress but she continued walking right past me. Confused, my Marisol and I just looked at each other dumbfounded. The other table has paid their bill and left and our waitress is still missing in action. Another family wanted the empty table so (2) waitresses began to clean the table together and at this point I'm annoyed/frustrated, so I gesture again and I say excuse me to clearly see and hear us... the waitress from earlier doesn't even acknowledge me and says something to the other girl. The other girl waves "hello" at me.... I know she was young but really?!?!?! After more than 20 minutes, Marisol gets up to go to our waitress who was only concentrating on tables at the other end of the restaurant. She says sorry but I'm done at this point... I just want to pay and go. Good food but disappointing service. Thai Street Food - EXTREME BBQ MEAT TOUR in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand | Thai Sausage and Laap!
Fit to Be Thai'd is truly a great place. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed and a great place to be after a long day of hitting the slopes. The service is not great. You should expect waiting over an hour for your meal, but that is the charm of this place. You learn to relax and enjoy time with your family. You really get a taste of the laid back Vermont vibe. The organization and effectiveness of Fit to be Thai'd is probably a 3/10, and things are always a big chaotic. But hey, that's the charm, right?! Anyways, the food is really good! Great food, good prices, good portions! I constantly come back here because of the delicious food and enjoyable atmosphere. I know this review may be confusing, but just know this: Fit to be Thai'd is not fancy, organized or elegant- but it's amusing, entertaining and honestly just a great place to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. COME HERE(maybe just bring a granola bar or two) Ruan Thai Restaurant

When you think of Livermore, you think of windmills and the hottest temperatures in the Bay Area. And that’s it. How very unfair to this not-so-boring ‘burb which should also be known as the home to Lanna Thai, an ode to the chef’s native Southern Thailand where the dishes are much brighter and lean more towards the sea and spice over Northern Thailand’s herbs and forest focus. WOW Simply Japanese a Restaurants in London serving Japanese Food
I came to this restaurant yesterday with my wife and other family and we were greeted my the hostess and she sat us a table that was not wiped down, it still had food particles on top. We asked her to wipe the table and she said that the servant will do it. When the servant came she looked at the table and said "it's weird that they sat you at this dirty table" and we told her that the hostess told us that the servant will clean the table. She was very surprised by that, but said it's no problem she will do it. The servant was very nice the whole time, we liked her. The food was not bad. I had the dragon roll and asked them to put raw jalapenos on top and it wasn't a problem for them. 3 stars because of the dirty table.
Cilantro has been serving fresh and healthy food to the Akron area since October 2009. We offer an extensive menu featuring Thai dishes, Sushi and Japanese. Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients with no MSG added. Our sushi is hand selected by our sushi chef to ensure the highest quality and freshness. We welcome a wide variety of clientele and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best dining experience. We hope to see you soon!! Call us (330)434-2876 yum yum stoke newington

Like most other Asian cuisines, rice is the staple grain of Thai cuisine. According to Thai food expert McDang, rice is the first and most important part of any meal, and the words for rice and food are the same: khao. As in many other rice eating cultures, to say "eat rice" (in Thai "kin khao"; pronounced as "keen cow") means to eat food. Rice is such an integral part of the diet that a common Thai greeting is "kin khao reu yang?" which literally translates as "Have you eaten rice yet?".[31] [check quotation syntax] Yum Yum Sab - Thai Restaurant
Most of the insects taste fairly bland when deep-fried, somewhat like popcorn and prawns.[citation needed] But when deep-fried together with kaffir lime leaves, chilies and garlic, the insects become an excellent snack to go with a drink.[citation needed] In contrast to the bland taste of most of these insects, the maeng da or maelong da na (Lethocerus indicus) has been described as having a very penetrating taste, similar to that of a very ripe gorgonzola cheese.[citation needed] This giant water bug is famously used in a chili dip called nam phrik maeng da.[citation needed] Ant eggs and silkworms are eaten boiled in a soup in Isan, or used in egg dishes in northern Thailand.[75] Yum-Yum
Spicy roasted duck in a powerful basil sauce is a must and the pad Thai here -- which gets a bad reputation from lesser purveyors -- will show you how the use of real tamarind and palm sugar gives the poor bastardized icon new life. Also a must: their signature drunken noodles -- a dreamy, relentlessly bold carb, spice, and meat marriage. Oh, and Arun used to be a sommelier with the Mandarin Oriental in San Francisco (hint hint, get wine). SELLING ALCOHOL IN THAI RESTAURANTS IN THE UK
To determine authenticity, Thai researchers developed the "e-delicious machine", described as " intelligent robot that measures smell and taste in food ingredients through sensor technology in order to measure taste like a food critic."[113] The machine evaluates food by measuring its conductivity at different voltages. Readings from 10 sensors are combined to produce a chemical signature. Because the machine cannot judge taste, the food is compared with a standard derived from a database of popular preferences for each dish. For tom yam, the spicy soup flavored with Kaffir lime leaves and coriander, researchers posted notices at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, requesting 120 tasters. The tasters—students, university staff, and area workers—were paid a few baht for their opinions. They were served 10 differently prepared soups and rated each one. The winning soup was declared the standard, and its chemical characteristics were programmed into the machine. When testing food, the machine returns a numerical score from one to 100. A score lower than 80 is deemed "not up to standard". The machine cost about US$100,000 to develop.[108] Restaurants that follow officially sanctioned recipes can affix a "Thai Delicious" logo to their menus.[108] As each machine sells for 200,000 baht, this project was shelved also.[107] Managing the Beatles: Brian Epstein Interview
Khai dao ไข่ดาว Fried egg Literally translated khai dao means "star egg", referring to the star-like shape of the egg after it has been fried. Traditionally the egg is fried in large amounts of hot vegetable oil which produces a crispy outer texture. Khai dao mai suk is a fried egg where the yolk is still runny, the way it is most commonly eaten when served with, for instance, khao phat ("fried rice") or kaphrao mu rat khao ("pork fried with holy basil served with rice"). Fried egg with a (very) hard yolk, khai dao suk (mak), is needed when the fried egg is used for making yam khai dao: fried egg salad. Talk TO My Stomach - Pai: Northern Thai Kitchen
The Thai couple who run this crammed lunch joint near the corner of Fifth and Jackson discovered the secret to success in their New York restaurants: Use curries made in Thailand, with native lemongrass and galangal, from Grandma’s own recipes. The distinction is evident, particularly in the green curry, which you can augment with crazy-fiery hot sauce (one is labeled “No Kidding”), only if you’re, well, not kidding. Frugal lunch-goers pack the joint, digging the $5 lunches and sweating out their eye sockets. For dessert try roti, the panfried flatbread of Thai street culture, drizzled with condensed milk and lavished with whatever sweet toppings are listed on the wall-size chalkboards.  Yum yum Restaurant. This person is a very nice man
My ding of a star for the place is based on take out and the owner.    Take out seems to be a real sore spot for the owner.    2 of the five times we've called over for takeout we've actually gotten takeout and the other times they've indicated that they're to busy.   Fair enough.  It would be helpful to state a take out policy online or on their voice mail during peak season.  Having mixed messages from the staff on takeout just irritates the owner and customer.    Maybe also not offer full menu at the bar as it gives the wrong impression that it's a dinner service.   I'm sure the owner would prefer the bar being open for drinkers than having it clogged up with people eating.   The F Word Best Local Thai Restaurant - Gordon Ramsay

Ice cream was introduced to Thailand during the reign of King Rama V when the first ice cream machine was imported to Thailand.[71] Ice cream in the second half of the 19th century was made of coconut water blended with ice. At first, ice couldn't be produced in Thailand. That led to importing ice from Singapore. Ice cream was then an upper-class treat, but over time ice cream became more widely available and the product was improved by replacing coconut water with coconut milk. 

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A mild, tamer twist on Tom Yum, this iconic soup infuses fiery chilies, thinly sliced young galangal, crushed shallots, stalks of lemongrass and tender strips of chicken. However unlike its more watery cousin, lashings of coconut milk soften its spicy blow. Topped off with fresh lime leaves, it's a sweet-smelling concoction, both creamy and compelling.

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Khao phan nga muan ข้าวพันงาม้วน North Rolled khao phan with sesame seeds. Khao phan is a specialty from northern Laos which in Thailand is only found in Uttaradit province. Rice flour is mixed with water and let to ferment overnight. The resulting batter is then spread out thinly over a cloth stretched out over a steamer, covered with a hood and let to steam for a few minutes. Rolled up it is served with a chili dip.
A student-friendly shave ice spot from the owners of Thai Curry Simple. Bowls start with something sweet, usually some combination of jewel-like fruits and housemade herb jellies. Combo No. 3, the lord chong bai tauy, is made with bright green pandan noodles—mild in flavor and tender—a fat scoop of snowy ice, then a final drizzle of coconut milk and toasted palm sugar.

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Later this month, Lopburi, Thailand will host the 25th anniversary of one of the world’s great events: the Monkey Buffet Festival, wherein monkeys are served a massive buffet in front of an ancient temple. Yup. Based on the way the monkeys stuff their faces, it’s clear that they know one thing we’ve also learned here, half a world away: Thai food is awesome. Lucky for us, it’s also plentiful in the Bay Area. Here are the 14 best spots to get it: Yum Yum Sab - Thai Restaurant

Madison Valley’s new Thai restaurant is casual enough for takeout, but the street food–centered menu and windowed dining room are worthy of an actual night out: Round sausages burst with garlic, a larb (aka salad) of crispy mushrooms dusted in rice powder is so bright and savory it’s almost oysterlike, while a trio of chicken drumsticks (and a satisfyingly rich curry) ground the kao soi noodle dish. Familiars like pad thai receive equally careful treatment. ASMR HONEYCOMB (Extremely STICKY Satisfying EATING SOUNDS) NO TALKING | SAS-ASMR *PART 2*

Yum kanom jeen ยำขนมจีน Yum kanomjeen is a spicy and sour salad mixed with kanom jeen. Kanom jeen is thin rice noodles which are made from fresh rice sometimes fermented rice starch, fermented for few days, boiled and then made into noodles. The original kanom jeen came from the Mon people. The main ingredients of Yum kanom jeen are fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, and chili powder. Some places will add pla ra to Yum kanom jeen too. Pla ra is the Thai traditional ingredient produced by fermented fish. Yum kanom jeen has a good spicy and sour taste, but many people would like to order the flavor that they like. Yum kanom jeen is a low- calorie food and it has only 220 calories per dish. To suit for people who are healthy and want to diet. Yum kanom jeen is not difficult to find. It can be found in either restaurant or street food. Lemongrass Chicken Recipe Video by YumYum
Later this month, Lopburi, Thailand will host the 25th anniversary of one of the world’s great events: the Monkey Buffet Festival, wherein monkeys are served a massive buffet in front of an ancient temple. Yup. Based on the way the monkeys stuff their faces, it’s clear that they know one thing we’ve also learned here, half a world away: Thai food is awesome. Lucky for us, it’s also plentiful in the Bay Area. Here are the 14 best spots to get it: London ✔ Seafood Restaurant Experience 🍴
Arrived around 7pm, the place was pretty bare. It did fill up rather quickly in less than an hour, so that always a good indicator. Certainly off the beaten track of Warren, Fit to be Thaid is worth the trip. Offering a selection of local beers on tap, as well as decent selection of wine and spirits, there's no reason to exclude it for just a drink and snack. The menu is short, which is great. There's a special app of the day, which for us was Salmon Rangoon. I highly recommend the Drunken Noodles. The veggies were cooked to perfection with just the right amount of seasoning. For our entrees, we chose the Red Curry and veggie based Curry. I was pleased with the intensity of heat, as well as the equally smooth, creamy texture of the coconut milk. One of the best curries I have ever tried! The best feature about FTBT was the service. We had the pleasure of being served by adequately attentive staff. Food orders were promptly taken without feeling rush. Courtesy with the utmost respect given. Water never went empty. I have to disagree with the 2 previous reviews claiming service was poor. Possibly, there were some additional wait staff hired with more experience, but I would be hard pressed to agreed with those statements at the current time. Prices are reasonable for Thai cuisine. Expect to spend about 60 for 2 with app, entrees and drinks.

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The Department of Export Promotion of the Thai Ministry of Commerce offers potential restaurateurs plans for three different "master restaurant" types—from fast food to elegant—which investors can choose as a prefabricated restaurant plan.[95][96] Concomitantly, the Export-Import Bank of Thailand offered loans to Thai nationals aiming to open restaurants abroad, and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand set up an infrastructure for loans of up to US$3 million for overseas food industry initiatives, including Thai restaurants.[96] WOW Simply Japanese a Restaurants in London serving Japanese Food
PLEASE!!! Please! Please! Tip the delivery guy yourself instead of including it in your credit card bill. I used to that, and one day I asked the delivery guy if they receive the tip. He said that they don't ever receive it, and said there was nothing they could do. I felt really, really bad for them because I know this is how they make a living. And please let's be conscientious of this fact and not offend them with 25 c, 50 cents of your pocket change. These poor guys go out out there under inclement weather conditions, risking getting sick and risking their very lives, yet, most of them deliver your food with a smile. Many of them have a family to feed and provide with. My heart goes out to them. Thanks.

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Hungry for good food delivery in Houston? Whether you’re a local or have come to Space City to learn about upcoming missions (and maybe meet an astronaut) at NASA’s Johnson Space Center or to explore the world-class Museum District or the Houston Zoo, you won’t always want to battle the crowds to get into a popular restaurant, so you’ll search online for “restaurants that deliver to me.” Here’s a tip: instead, go to -- it’s the easy and quick way to get the delicious food you’re craving delivered from top-rated restaurants in Houston. You’ll find American, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Greek, Vietnamese, Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines, plus vegan and vegetarian choices. So spend your free time wandering through Hermann Park or taking in an Astros game, and let someone else cook you dinner. Amazon Restaurants offer every kind of dining, from food trucks to fine-dining restaurants. There are favorite national restaurants as well as neighborhood gems, and trendy chef spots. You’ll find the same food that you would in the restaurant, without the long lines to get in. And there’s something for every taste, including tacos, burgers & fries, chicken-fried steak, sandwiches, salads—and don’t forget Houston’s amazing BBQ. So the next time you’re too busy to cook a family dinner, find the best barbecue near you, or the best neighborhood restaurants that deliver with Amazon Restaurants at the or Prime Now websites or mobile apps. To order, enter your ZIP Code, then search by cuisine or restaurant name, and view menus, and read customer reviews. Place your order using your Amazon account and track your delivery in real time. With any luck, you’ll get to experience zero gravity by day and a down-to-earth Southern feast for dinner. Amazon Restaurants is available in select cities across the US, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Irvine, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City (Manhattan/Brooklyn), Oakland, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Ore., San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington, D.C. Go to and enter your ZIP Code to see if delivery is available in your area. GrowthAccelerator Hyper Growth Case Study: Rosa's Thai Cafe

In most towns and cities, traditional Buddhist vegetarian fare, without any meat or seafood products of any kind and also excluding certain strong tasting vegetables and spices, is sold at specialized vegetarian restaurants which can be recognized by a yellow sign with in Thai script the word che (Thai: เจ) or ahan che (Thai: อาหารเจ) written on it in red. These restaurants serve what can be regarded as vegan food. Many Indian restaurants of the sizable Thai-Indian community will also have vegetarian dishes on offer, due to the fact that vegetarianism is held as an ideal by many followers of the Hindu faith. Indian vegetarian cuisine can incorporate dairy products and honey. Due to the increased demand for vegetarian food from foreign tourists, many hotels, guesthouses and restaurants that cater to them, will now also have vegetarian versions of Thai dishes on their menu. Pescatarians would have very few problems with Thai cuisine due to the abundance of Thai dishes which only contain fish and seafood as their source of animal protein.[82][83][84][85][86]

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Thai chefs of the Thailand Culinary Academy took second place in the Gourmet Team Challenge (Practical) of the FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition 14 in Shanghai, China on 14–16 November 2012. They won the IKA Culinary Olympic 2012 competition held in Erfurt, Germany between 5–10 October 2012, where they received four gold and one silver medal.[100] The Lounge Bar
Whereas many Thai dishes are now familiar in the West, the vast majority are not. In many of the dishes below, different kinds of protein, or combinations of protein, are interchangeable as the main ingredient. Beef (nuea), chicken (kai), pork (mu), duck (pet), tofu (taohu), fish (pla), prawns or shrimp (kung), crab (pu), shellfish (hoi), or egg (khai) can, for example, all be used as main ingredients for kaeng phet (red curry). Thus kaeng phet kai is red curry with chicken and kaeng phet mu is red curry made with pork. Sénégal : Dans les coulisses de Yum Yum l'enseigne de fast food sénégalaise
Pestle Rock was the best Thai restaurant in Ballard. Until its owners opened a megacasual Southeast Asian noodle bar next door, where so much happens inside each fortifying bowl, like the guay tiow khaek, a seafood soup with fat, square noodles in a rich coconut curry broth that snaps with chili oil. If the build-your-own-adventure combinations seem daunting, head straight for the ba mee giow muu dang, a clear, porky broth full of leaner-than-usual barbecue pork atop egg noodles and a few of Sen’s excellent dumplings.
PLEASE!!! Please! Please! Tip the delivery guy yourself instead of including it in your credit card bill. I used to that, and one day I asked the delivery guy if they receive the tip. He said that they don't ever receive it, and said there was nothing they could do. I felt really, really bad for them because I know this is how they make a living. And please let's be conscientious of this fact and not offend them with 25 c, 50 cents of your pocket change. These poor guys go out out there under inclement weather conditions, risking getting sick and risking their very lives, yet, most of them deliver your food with a smile. Many of them have a family to feed and provide with. My heart goes out to them. Thanks.

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The soy sauces which are used in Thai cuisine are of Chinese origin, and the Thai names for them are (wholly or partially) loanwords from the Teochew dialect: si-io dam (black soy sauce), si-io khao (light soy sauce), si-io wan (sweet soy sauce), and taochiao (fermented whole soy beans). Namman hoi (oyster sauce) is also of Chinese origin. It is used extensively in vegetable and meat stir fries. UFC FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPIONSHIT FIGHT FABIO BOMBAS holloway vs RODRIGO THAI mcgregor
Important to Thai dining is the practice of khluk, mixing the flavors and textures of different dishes with the rice from one's plate. The food is pushed by the fork, held in the left hand, into the spoon held in the right hand, which is then brought to the mouth.[23] A traditional ceramic spoon is sometimes used for soup, and knives are not generally used at the table.[1] It is common practice for both the Thais and the hill tribe peoples who live in Lanna and Isan to use sticky rice as an edible implement by shaping it into small, and sometimes flattened, balls by hand (and only the right hand by custom) which are then dipped into side dishes and eaten. Pancakes, Milkshakes and Feng Shui | Roblox Restaurant Tycoon #2 [KM+Gaming S01E48]

PLEASE READ TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDINGS, CONFUSION, OR ANY DISAPPOINTMENT ABOUT MENU ITEMS AND/OR PRICES LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE The Thai Palace makes every effort to ensure that the prices and items listed on our menus are up to date and correct. However, the prices and items listed on our web site menus or other online source are NOT guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. When menu and/or price changes are made, those changes may not be immediately reflected on this website. We post to this website as often and as quickly as possible, but sometimes these posts may be delayed for some reason or another. In that case, the Thai Palace reserves the right to change menu selections, and/or the prices that accompany those items, as they appear on the physical menus at the restaurant. It is important that our customers who visit our website know and understand this policy/practice, since Thai Palace will not adjust menu items or prices at the time orders are made, even if they conflict with our website menus and/or prices. We thank you for your support and understanding. Yum Yum
Food markets in Thailand, large open air halls with permanent stalls, tend to operate as a collection of street stalls, each vendor with their own set of tables and providing (limited) service, although some resemble the regular food courts at shopping malls and large supermarkets, with service counters and the communal use of tables. Food courts and food markets offer many of the same foods as street stalls, both pre-cooked as well as made to order. Night food markets, in the form of a collection of street stalls and mobile vendors, spring up in parking lots, along busy streets, and at temple fairs and local festivals in the evenings, when the temperatures are more agreeable and people have finished work. Coffee Circus Ltd Cafe in London for Coffee, Tea and Cakes
Sakhu sai mu สาคูไส้หมู Tapioca Balls with Pork Filling In Thailand tapioca balls with pork filling are call sakhu sai mu. Sakhu sai mu is a kind of snack which is very famous in Thailand and found at street stalls and markets. It is a dumpling which consists of a flour ball with a pork filling. Most people in Thailand eat it with khao kriap pak mo. THE END IS NIGH | Outlast 2 - Part 6 (END)
Nam phrik long ruea น้ำพริกลงเรือ Central The name means "chili paste for in a boat" as it was often eaten while travelling the rivers of Thailand by boat. A sweet, savoury and spicy chili dip, it is served together with fresh vegetables, salted egg and sweet pork. This version also included khamin khao ("white curcuma") and the slightly sour and bitter leaves of makok (Spondias mombin)
The panang curry that I received was not a curry, it tasted like Tom ka soup and had the consistency of soup! It was runny, it lacked flavor and the spice level was not "spicy" as we asked for. Where was the curry? I've eaten Thai food before...the curry was missing in action. The bf ate it because we waited so long and was super hungry. LOL I refused.

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Feel bad giving this place only 3 stars, but I have to be honest based on our collective meal experience.  I had cashew chicken and my wife had pad see ew.  My cashew chicken was quite good, and when they say Thai spicy they actually deliver.  Unfortunately my wife didn't really enjoy her pad see ew.  The noodles were a bit over cooked and it was just too sweet overall.  That being said, we'd both eat here again in a heartbeat.  The service was top notch, and the atmosphere was nice (we ate outside on the deck).  Perhaps the pad see ew was just having an off night.  Next time we are in the area we will give it another shot!

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There's satay and then there's homemade Thai satay. If you've never had the real stuff, then you're going to be blown away by the succulent taste of this Thai chicken satay recipe (with peanut dipping sauce). Strips of chicken are marinated in a special Thai paste, then skewered and grilled on the barbecue (or broiled indoors in your oven). It is then served with homemade peanut sauce for the ultimate taste sensation. Add coconut rice and a Thai salad on the side, and you've got a well-balanced Thai-style meal that's perfect for a party.
An incredibly popular ‘one plate’ dish for lunch or dinner, fried basil and pork is certainly one of the most popular Thai dishes. It is made in a piping hot wok with lots of holy basil leaves, large fresh chilli, pork, green beans, soy sauce and a little sugar. The minced, fatty pork is oily and mixes with the steamed white rice for a lovely fulfilling meal. It is often topped with a fried egg (kai dao) you will most likely be asked if you would like an egg with it. Be aware that most Thai people ask for lots of chilli in this dish so if you are not a fan of tingling lips, ask for you pad krapow ‘a little spicy’. Delicious wok stir fried "Khao Pad" - "Thai Street Food" at East Street restaurant, London.

Description: Sukho Thai is a traditional Thai restaurant with two locations in New Orleans. As in Thailand, Sukho serves its menu items ala-cart with Jasmine rice and a variety of house-made sauces. All dishes are prepared individually, without MSG or preservatives, and made to customers� exact level of desired spiciness. Sukho Thai�s menu includes noodle dishes, vegan options, and seafood specialties, each inspired by the local cuisine of Thailand. Pandan Leaf Thai Restaurant in London UK serving Pad Thai and Salad
From Cape Town to Khao San Road, the default international Thai dish! Dropped in a searing hot wok, fistfuls of small, thin or wide noodles (you choose) do a steamy minute-long dance alongside crunchy beansprouts, onion and egg, before disembarking for the nearest plate. A truly interactive eating experience, half its fun (and flavour) lies in then using a quartet of accompanying condiments - fish sauce, sugar, chilli powder and finely ground peanuts - to wake it from its slumbers. Mango Tree - Thai Restaurant in Belgravia, Central London
After Goldilocks moments in spaces too small (a sidewalk takeout window on Madison), then too big (a Pioneer Square basement), the beloved Little Uncle has found its just-right. Mind you, the packed, modern space has limited seating—hooray for a sidewalk patio—but wraparound windows help, as do aromas from the open kitchen, tended by owners Wiley Frank and Poncharee Kounpungchart—evoke its heady citizen-of-the-world status. A $13-ish menu of terrific noodle bowls, starring pad thai (add the side packets of chiles and nuts and sugar if you want intrigue) and exquisite khao soi gai (chicken curry over egg noodles) is served 11am to 9pm, with an added card of shareables after 5pm.

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I was so excited when this place opened up! I came with 8 other people and luckily they had a large table available. This interior design is simple but beautiful, and a party of 9 seems to be the biggest they can hold if everyone is seated together. We ordered the Chili's roll, party roll, drunken noodles, thai tea cake, a banana dessert, and the chicken satay. The sushi rolls came in about 10 pieces each and was BEAUTIFULLY decorated. It definitely was filling. The drunken noodles were well cooked and not too soft. The pieces of chicken were pretty large. The chicken satay was more than I expect. I also ordered a bowl of rice on the side. The chicken satay was served with cucumber and thai peanut sauce. I loved putting the cucumber sauce on my rice and dipping the chicken in the peanut sauce. The desserts were AMAZING. I thought thai tea cake would be weird but it tasted delicious. It was kind of like vanilla with a thai tea twist. Both of the desserts were plated in such a pretty way!! It's a little pricier than your usual thai place, but it's worth the taste! The service was amazing and there is a lot of parking!

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Very good. I ordered the jumping wahoo roll, my two young girls each ordered a sushi roll with just imitation crab and split the chicken teryaki lunch special. My super picky 7 year old loved it and asked to come back. That's wonderful news for me because now I won't have to listen to whining any time I want something other than steak and Mac and cheese.... My roll was excellent, loved the combination of flavors. The place looks fairly new, it's well decorated, friendly service and the bathroom was spotless. That's huge, because if the bathroom is dirty, you know da*n well the kitchen is dirty. My only complaint is that the Salad that came with the lunch special was bland. Dressing was a bit watery and wasn't anything special. Other than that, the place gets two thumbs up. 

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